After many years, tired of seeing how the landscapes around me were being destroyed, I decided to change the subject of my painting. Thanks to some many years of painting outdoors, I still have such a deep memory of the light.

One day I painted a view of my studio. There seemed to be a color lack so I turned the walls into red. I had to invent a pencil and a paper system. Some of the works arisen from drawings nobody else could understand, and step by step everything got complicated to the final result.

When I start to create a composition I have on the one hand the drawing and on the other, the canvas, painted with acrylics at random. I add coloured papers which give me new ideas, so this way I avoid repeating the colours. (a real obsession for me)

I proceed with colour layers. After that, I put some general lines in pastel, so that the result has nothing to do with the reality.

Sometimes some incidental spots and lines turn into shapes that could accidentally suggest a figure, for example, but I treat it as a mere area in the composition.

The cats in my paintings stand for a symbol, they are like a fetiche for me. I identify myself with this feline and I admire its sense of freedom. The cat is a free animal even when it's locked up between the walls. In the same way, a painting doesn't obey absolutely, it is unforeseeable.

I ignore where this path will lead me to and in fact I don't worry about it. I never think about money or fame when I paint, but only feel the illusion to discover someting new every day. What is life if not illusion and faith?

Sometimes I inspire myself from the travel and decoration magazines. I cut a door here, a tree there... and the results is a non existing place, especially if I manipulate the colours.

What I'm looking for in my work is a kind of a balance between shape and line, hot and cold, peace and madness, improvisation and measurement. I love the idea of the "painting inside another painting", that's why so often there are trees, blinds, windows and curtains dividing the space of my paintings. (a garden seems to be wider if you take it from different points of view)

I let the public interpret the rest and discover every time new corners in my paintings. And if my art conveys happiness and life, I'll be more than satisfied.

Maloles. Sitges, may 2005.